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About Tracy

Thanks for visiting my website.

Seriously, thanks. You could be anywhere on the Interwebs, but you're here with me. I appreciate that!

This site is a slow-going work in progress. Honestly, at this point I'm not sure what I expect the end state to be. The vision seems to be changing constantly as I explore new interests. As you can see, I'm currently focused on the photography aspect. Making photographs is a passion that I would love to devote more time pursuing. In the future, however, I expect that I will segment off the photography part of the site and feature other projects that are important to me. I'm a programmer by trade, and love what I do. Like all things, your passion and devotion to your craft are what allow you to perfect it. So, I (currently) plan to feature a few personal development projects that have been churning around in my brain for a while.

How do we define ourselves?

So a few things about myself. I'm a Father, Son, Brother, Photographer, Programmer, Cook, and Professional Procrastinator.

My other labels: