BROad Trip Day 3 - Budapest


Budapest was my only real location suggestion for this trip. Why? Because it was close to Vienna and I had never been to Hungary...or Austria...or Czech Republic for that matter. Anyway, do you really need a reason to experience anything in life? If you said no, you're correct. I'm pretty sure we intended to go to Budapest after Prague, and then Vienna, but we got turned around a bit and this ended up being our third stop instead of the second. These are the decisions that one shouldn't make when one is dog tired and just trying to stay awake. I'm talking about Joe and Vincent. I was asleep in the back seat and oblivious to everything. Besides, we had no place to be and all the time in the world to get there, so it really didn't matter what city the car was in when we stopped. Speaking of cars, the absolute coolest thing I saw there was an underground automatic car parking system. My understanding is that the automated or robotic car parks are "common" in Japan (never been, just accepted this info as true), but my limited old man brain never expected such wonderful technological feats to present themselves on my humble European travels. And since Wöhr, the company that manufactured the underground structure, is a German company, there are likely hundreds of these throughout Europe. So, do you actually manufacture a car park? Built / Installed / Erected?? Do you "erect" something underground when you go below an existing structure? There's a proper word for this...we'll find it. 

The tourist areas of Budapest are amazing. We spent most of our time shooting - or shooting from the Chain Bridge and the Buda Castle. The view at night of the Chain Bridge and the Parliament Building is inspiring. There was so much here that we didn't get the opportunity to visit or shoot, so this is definitely on my list of places that require a return visit. 


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